Vision, mission and values


Who we are?

We produce natural ingredients from a variety of raw material sources (grape, black carrot, red beet,…) for the F&B industry.

  • Grape
  • Black Carrot
  • Grape
  • Pomegranate
  • Red Beet

We are product experts, specialized in natural colors. From plant seed selection and growing through product application, we have mastered the production process of the solutions we sell using our know-how and technology. We strongly believe in sustainable food and the development of the food industry in alignment to this concept.

The Secna Group’s main purpose is contributing to a more resource efficient and sustainable food system through the utilization of natural ingredients in our customers’ existing and future product formulations.


Our contribution lies on the following key fundamental factors:

Deep knowledge and control over the raw materials we use. We are vertically integrated with direct access to our main sources of raw materials.

Technology and know-how: Constant innovation and improvement underpin our own product and production process know-how, which has been developed over more than 50 years’ experience in the industry.

Customer solution focus: Product tailoring and flexibility in order to meet customer needs lie at the core of our organization.

We strive for excellence on everything we do. Our high-quality standard policy applies not only to our products and manufacturing processes but also to the relationships with customers and suppliers.

We are a well-regarded and respected key player in the local markets where we source our raw materials from. We build fair, solid and long-lasting relationships with local farmers providing a stable and trustworthy partner in the supply chain.

We work together with our customers’ R&D and Sales departments in order to develop the best solution according to our customers’ needs. Trust, responsibility and commitment form the cornerstone of our long-lasting relationships we have built with our customers over time.

People development and team-work: Our people is paramount to Secna Group’s success. Trust, responsibility, commitment and passion for what we do are our core people values.

What we want?

We want to be the expert group of reference for natural colors in a sustainable F&B industry, where our customers benefit from a reliable source of natural ingredients, our deep knowledge, own production process and control of the raw materials we use as well as the continued development of new solutions for the F&B industry.

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