New caramel color E-150a AB for balsamic vinegar production

In line with our commitment to constant innovation and with the aim to provide a solution to our customers demand, we have recently developed the E150a AB caramel color. This has been specifically developed for use in Modena-type balsamic vinegars, as an alternative to E150d dyes. E150a AB is the answer to a growing demand in the sector for a more natural alternative.

Until now, only catalyzed caramels could be used in the production of Modena-type balsamic vinegars, since E150a caramels are generally unstable in acidic medium. However, thanks to the research efforts carried out at our laboratories in Milan (SICNA), we have developed a new 150a caramel with very peculiar physic-chemical characteristics, that guarantee a good stability throughout the complete shelf life of balsamic vinegars. The behavior is the same as the traditional 150d caramels, but with all the advantages of an E150a. This caramel is suitable for all kinds of vinegar.

This new product improves the color of balsamic vinegar, acts as a stabilizer of vinegar and limits the formation of foams. And of course, in the elaboration of E150a AB caramel, no ammonium compounds or sulphite are used.