VITIVINÍCOLA RAMÍREZ, located in Utiel (Valencia- Spain) one of the most important grape production areas in Spain, was incorporated in 2012 with the main purpose of having a direct and close access to one of the biggest production areas of grape in Europe. Its key role is supplying Secna with grape must during the harvest period. Its proximity to the grape fields ensures a close monitoring of product quality as well as helping to maintain the product properties throughout the process.

From relationship management with local farmers to assessment of crop quality, purchasing of grape and further processing into grape must. VITIVINÍCOLA RAMÍREZ plays an instrumental role in Secna group’s supply chain.

Key machinery and equipment:

  • Red must production line
  • Sulphurized red must production line
  • Stainless steel tanks of up to 1.000.000L capacity
Grape Juice/Must