SICNA’s plant is located in Bollate (Milan-Italy) where we produce liquid caramel products (Aromatic, Burnt Sugar and Color) distributing nationally and internationally. This was our first production plant (inaugurated in 1961) and the origin of Secna Group.

At SICNA we run a highly flexible and versatile factory ensuring quick order turnaround. We offer a wide range of caramel products, highly specialised and tailor-made in order to fulfil our customer requirements. The production technology employed has been developed internally throughout years of experience in the caramel industry.

Key machinery and equipment:

  • Caramel reactors
  • NR (Near Infra Red) technology
  • Full range of lab equipment
  • Stainless steel tanks of up to 1,000.000 L capacity
  • Packaging line
Sicna - Aromatica Caramel
Sicna - Burnt Sugar
Sicna - Caramel color