About Us
We are leaders in natural colors

Our customers rely on Secna Group to grow their businesses with total peace of mind. We deliver the highest industry standards in food safety.

In our experimental fields, we test new varieties of grape, black carrot and other vegetables in order to enhance our product quality, their properties and market applications.

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We are vertically integrated with direct access to main sources of natural raw materials which are used in the elaboration of our colours, juices and musts.
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We are able to adapt our products to the technical specifications required by our customers.
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Continuous innovation
Innovation is part of Secna group’s essence. We constantly engage in Research & Development activities involving all aspects of the production process with the aim of developing new products as well as improving our existing solutions.
From fields to your product

We use our grow crops for the production of our colors, juices and must ensuring product and quality control throughout the production process.


Our customers are well renowned multinational companies in the food and beverage industry with whom we have built long-lasting relationships over more than 50 years of experience in the international markets.

Our facilities are placed close to the raw material sources. We control our own crops in order to assure the product quality.
Continuous Innovation
Our direct access to key sources of natural raw materials allow us to engage in R&D activities right at the sourcing level and throughout the production process resulting in the development of new range of exclusive high-quality products.
We use the latest technologies available in the sector for the production of natural colors, juices and musts. Our state-of-the-art facilities together with a strong commitment to R&D activities are the basis for a constant improvement of the production process and quality controls.
SECNA Group provides high quality tailor-made products and services. We are able to adapt our products to the technical specifications required by our customers
Quality is paramount to Secna Group's success. Our organisation revolves around being able to provide the highest quality in our products and the level of service to our customers. Our team, systems and policies are all aligned towards this group’s overall objective. The Secna Group is up to date with all most relevant certifications in the industry.
Corporate Responsibility
SECNA’s group’s companies are commited with the environment being members of SEDEX, a non-profit organization whose aim is to encourage and promote constant improvements in the areas of responsible, environmental and ethical business practices.
The companies

Secna Group factories are located in strategic areas in Spain, Italy and Turkey, close to our raw material sources. They have direct access to efficient transport and logistic services, with overall tracking and control of shipments up to reception by customers.


All group companies use the latest up-to date technology available in the sector. Our production processes and quality controls are constantly being improved as a result of internally developed know-how and R&D efforts.

Export ranges

We have a long history exporting our products in the international markets around the world. Our experience in this area ensures the best logistic solution is provided to our international customers.

Grape 44% Caramel 32% Black Carrot 19% Other 5%